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Music is a word synonymous with the name Dillon McKenzie – and not the other way around. All across the Bahamas’ archipelagic chain, Dillon McKenzie can easily be characterized as a “Music Czar”, having mastered all of the intricacies of the craft behind the scenes as a producer and engineer, in front of the scenes as an artist and performer, and smack dab in the middle as a songwriter and arranger. When it comes to music, only one word comes to mind when you hear Dillon’s name: genius. His unique and innovative skills can be attributed to helping create local and regional stars out of such names as K.B., Funky D, Geno D, Ira Storr, Terez, Spice, Ronnie Butler, Spank Band, Da Brilanders, Nita, Spice, Angel, Avvy, Stileet, Lacie Doe Boys, Wilfred Mullings, Eddie Minnis, Visage and Sweet Emily. Yet, his name is huge on the gospel music circuit as well, having produced and written hit songs for award-winning gospel artists like his brother, Bahamian gospel great Kevan McKenzie, Christian Massive, Landlord, The Singing Prophet, Vanessa Rolle-Clarke, Marky Maxx, Selecta, Geo …and so much more.

Yet, although with roots deep-seated in a rich Christian heritage, this pastor’s son has multiple overlapping gifts that transcend all musical genres. This gives him the power to create music that makes the world want to stop and take a listen whether you need Jesus on the main line, or just want to let your hair down and have a good time. His musical talent was discovered at early age and in fact, it was more like a self discovery. When he was young, he would listen to 8 tracks of Bahamian music legends such as the Region Bells and Eddie Minnis. This love for music was further harnessed by his big brother Kevan who first began teaching him how to play the piano …and the rest is history. He took his musical baby steps playing for Sunday morning devotions with his family and for Sunday School, and then further wet his musical appetite when his father invested in his first set of DJ equipment as a teen. Hence, he became a very popular disc jockey while attending Queen’s College in He continued to crawl his way through this musical journey after experimenting with recording equipment that his brother brought home. Eventually, with his DJ experience, tinkering with his recording toys, and his piano playing skills, Dillon started to write and produce his own songs.

He and his brother Kevan went on to produce hit albums, winning numerous awards and song competitions including the Commonwealth Song Competition. Their winnings were invested into the establishment of Commonwealth Recording Studios.

Today, Dillon has shown that he is ever changing as he has evolved once more from just being the man in the background to being the man in the spotlight….and my how bright the light shines on “D-Mac”.

That’s the name that everyone knows.

D-Mac is someone whose heart is embedded in the music industry and as an artist, you can hear it beating all through his music. D-Mac is a goal-oriented and purpose driven music artist, as seen in his quest to release one song per month from April 2011 to January 2012…and he did it.

He released his first album entitled “Party Zone” which best describes the songs on this solo project. It calls for movin’, shakin’, rockin’ and winin’ and is sure to rock any party or social event with hit songs like “Dog Don’t Bark At Parked Car”,” Rock you all night”, What I’m gonna do”, “What you working with”, Da Gaulin Song”, Ya Gal Ga Look Like Dat, Let It Stay Here, The Boat Man” and many other energy filled Bahamian Rake ‘N Scrape songs.

In 2013, D-Mac walked away with the coveted Ministry of Tourism’s Cacique Award/ The People’s Choice Award for The Gaulin Song; and he also won the Cacique Award for Best Song Writer. D-Mac was also invited to be one of the major performers for the historic opening of the country’s over $50 million – 400 plus acres – Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium. It was at this Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium where D-Mac also performed for the opening of CARIFTA 2013 in front of millions of viewers from across the Caribbean. The exposure train didn’t stop there as thousands of international fans were introduced to this Bahamian music icon when he performed for Memorial Weekend in Miami, Florida. To add to his stellar achievements thus far D-MAC has also won the Bahamian Icon Awards 2013 for BEST ENTERTAINER. D-Mac was well on his way in 2014 as he had been nominated for both Best song writer and Best Performer for the Cacique Awards coming up in January 2015. On Saturday January 24, 2015 ya Bahama Boy D-Mac was awarded once again with not one but two Cacique Awards; one for “Secular Writer of the Year” and the other for “Secular performer of the Year”. D-MAC showed much gratitude for his win, dedicating his award to the struggles of Bahamian entertainers in their own country and acknowledging the award as a victory for Bahamian music at large.

To show his gratitude and do his part for his country D-Mac decided to implement an organization in 2015 entitled the D-MAC Foundation. An organization committed to working closely with charitable institutions throughout the Bahamas such as the Cancer Society of the Bahamas and the various children’s homes. The overall vision of the D-Mac Foundation is to re establish the authentic kinship and lifestyle of the Bahamian people and with that, ultimately take the Bahamas to the world! It is D-Mac’s mission to represent the Bahamas by exposing the world to the infectious rhythms and indigenous stories of the Bahamas and Bahamian way of life.






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